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SEO Strategies to grow your business


Among the many digital marketing tools available at your disposal, Search engine Optimisation is one of the more prominent methods as it directs organic traffic to your website and is comparatively more cost efficient when compared to the pay-per-click options. This is because once your website is optimised to grow in the search engine rankings any visitor it brings in via the search engine page is free, this free traffic is what we call the organic traffic; visitors who have clicked on your website link on the search result of any search engine.

Since search engines are probably the most relied upon tool to drive traffic to your website, it’s something every business wants and so there is a lot of competition to try and rise in the ranks since most consumers don’t browse past 1 or 2 pages of the search result. So it’s SEO is something that has to be done on a very regular basis and you will need to keep up to the search engine analytics in order to gain ranks.

Moreover the search engines also strive to help users find the most relevant results to their search queries and so regularly update their analytics to find the most relevant website. Most updates don’t require much to be done on the SEO, but will require some touch ups nonetheless; however some changes may toppel your strategy and you may need to redesign your entire structure.

Given the highly competitive and dynamic nature of SEO you need a robust strategy and at the same time remain agile enough to quickly adapt to any updates the search engines provide. Below are some strategies that you can use in  order to improve the optimisation of your website’s SEO rankings.

1. Keywords

Search engines rely on keywords to match the user’s query to fetch results. Every website against it’s pages defines certain keywords to supply to the search engine, when  a user visits the search engine and search for something Google and other search engines will try to match the keywords from the user’s search query and look into its keyword database to see how many websites have that particular keyword listed and the displays those websites to the user.

Thus keywords help determine when your site will appear when users conduct searches on search engines. You need to ensure you choose the right keywords, so your site appears in the right search results to maximise traffic to your site.

Picking the right keywords for your campaign is both crucial and difficult at the same time as you need to find ones that are commonly used by users and relates to your website the most.  It’s recommended to conduct keyword research before you start deploying keywords to your website.There are a number of keyword research tools you can use to find the right keywords for your campaign and some are even free to use or have a very nominal cost. 

There are 9 types of keywords: short tail, longtail, short-term, long-term, product defining, customer defining, geo-targeting, and intent targeting. All of these keywords have their special strength that can multiply your SEO efforts when used in different situations.

Currently long tail keywords seem to be the most effective in driving traffic compared to the short and others since they are very specific and may relate to the users query the most. The drawback being it has a narrower coverage compared to say the short tail. But if it is what the search engines are after they your best bet is to work with them. 

For instance instead of using keywords like “best budget laptop” try using “best budget laptop for gaming” or “best budget laptop for home office” or “best budget laptops in 2020”. Keywords are one of the most important parameters of search engines and so definitely worth spending some time on. Do you research and try to find the most appropriate keywords and you may also want to stay away from too common ones unless you have a bigger budget. 

2. Competitor Analysis

The markets are filled with businesses who are aiming for the same consumerbase as you, supplying the same products or services you offer. Ask anyone from your peer group and they would want to be listed on the very top of the search engine result. With so many businesses wanting to get to the top the competition is intense. Hence there is a constant hunt for factors that will push you above the rest. 

Just like any other segment of your business, when a competitor is outperforming you in a certain area you will need to analyze what it is that they are doing that has ranked them above you.

Moreover you are competing on a global landscape and though most search engines list local businesses over ones that may not be operating in your area, chances are you still may now know haff the players you are competing with. One of the easiest ways to find out your competition is to search for the keywords you are targeting and see what businesses are listed and there you have it; a list of all your competitors competing for the same keywords as you are.

Now that you know your competition, ensure you analyse the factors that make their website better than yours, you will probably need a professional to compare the key factors but you may pay attention to the website load times, the site structure and tags that they are using. 

3. Backlinks 

A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. Backlinks are also called inbound links or incoming links.  Backlinks are good for your SEO rank as they boost the trust and authority of your website. If a search engine sees that a credible site is linking to your site, they trust that your site is valuable and credible. This will boost your website’s ranking and help you reach a higher position on the search result. In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. Hence these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site’s ranking position or search visibility.

Search engines have several parameters that determine the rank of a website for a certain keyword, backlinks are one of the more important parameters that have been prominent over the years and is still crucial. Bear in mind that not all backlinks are valued equally, some have more value than others, especially if the backlinks are from a website that has a high credibility.

Moreover are several other factors that may add value to the backlink such as:
1. Your targeted keyword being displayed in the anchor text.

2. The website you are receiving backlink is on a similar subject

3. Frequency of backlink you receive from a site, unique ones have a higher value

4. They aren’t from a site with a domain authority or from a spammy website.

4. Regular Maintenance

Regular site maintenance is probably obvious when we are putting in so much effort into driving traffic to your website. However if your visitor comes across a broken link, they may leave your site and you have wasted a potential lead just because the maintenance wasn’t done. Consider the losses if you have a downtime of several hours or a day! Moreover this affects your SEO rating adversely further impacting your overall campaign. 

Optimising your site regularly ensures you have longer visit durations and lower bounce rate which have a role to play in your SEO rating. Thus keep your site up and running always and you can further improve this by providing your user with a simple yet personalised experience that provides the vitals and keeps the load times to a minimum. No one likes to spend several minutes waiting for your site to load and this may sometimes discourage viewers from visiting your site. 

5. Optimize Metadata

Search engines have to look through millions of articles and generate results for the user in milliseconds. These “crawlers” that scan all searchable articles before displaying the search result do not have the luxury of analysing entier articles so as to find the most related ones for the user, instead they look for the Metadata which is especially created for the crawlers and something that the user’s won’t see.

Metadata is simply a term used to describe information about a particular website or page that appears within the header. The vital ones are Meta Title and the Meta Description. If you notice a typical search result on a search engine, like Google for instance You would notice each result is broken into three parts the first large text in blue which is the Meta Title, followed by the link of your website in green, and then a brief description which is the Meta Description. 

When the Meta Title and Meta Description of your website matches the keywords you are focusing on, it has a positive impact on your website and increases the rating of your site.

What more can you do?

There are simply too many factors that go into determining the SEO rating of any website, moreover this is a highly competitive area and highly dynamic. You should keep an eye on all latest trends and opportunities that are being implemented in the current SEO landscape. Also regularly follow the updates the Search Engines roll out to ensure your configuration matches their analytics.

Unless you have a dedicated in-house SEO team it is recommended you work with a professional to ensure you are deploying all possible strategies to hike your SEO rating. At GoFindaPro we can help you improve your SEO and achieve your digital marketing goals. Do take a look at our portfolio to see what we can offer to aid in your project.. 

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